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House of Tudor: A Grisly History by Mickey Mayhew

Who Ruled Tudor England: Paradoxes of Power by G.W. Bernard

The Tudors: Passion, Power and Politics by Bolland, Smith, MacLeod

Tudor and Stuart Consorts: Power, Influence, and Dynasty by Aidan Norrie et al

Elizabeth I of England through Valois Eyes: Power and Diplomacy by Estelle Paranque

Crown and Parliament in Tudor-Stuart England 1485-1714 by Paul L Hughes et al

Women Reformers of Early Modern Europe by Kirsi I. Stjerna

A History of the Netherlands: From the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day by Friso Wielenga

Royal Seals: Images of Power and Majesty (Images of the The National Archives) by Paul Dryburgh


Power in Tudor England by David Loades

Staging Power in Tudor and Stuart English History Plays by Kristin M.S. Bezio

Rivals in Power: Lives and Letters of the Great Tudor Dynasties by David Starkey

Power and Politics in Tudor England: Essays by G.W. Bernard by G.W. Bernard

The Heart and Stomach of a King: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Sex and Power by Carole Levin

Tudor Government by David Loades

Studies in Tudor and Stuart Politics and Government Volume 1 by G. R. Elton

The Tudor revolution in government: Administrative changes by G. R. Elton

Law and Government under the Tudors edited by Cross, Loades, Scarisbrick

Selling the Tudor Monarchy: Authority and Image by Kevin Sharpe

The Tudor Monarchy by John Guy

Henry VIII and the men who made him by Tracy Borman

Parliament Under the Tudors by Jennifer Loach

Managing Tudor and Stuart Parliaments by Chris R. Kyle

Elizabethan Parliaments 1559-1601 by Michael A.R. Graves & Roger Lockyer

The Later Parliaments of Henry VIII by Stanford E. Lehmberg

The English Parliaments of Henry VII 1485-1504 by P.R. Cavill

The House of Lords in the Parliaments of Edward VI and Mary I by Michael A. R. Graves

Elizabeth I and her Parliaments: 1584-1601 by J. E Neale

Law-Making and Society in Late Elizabethan England: Parliament 1584-1601 by David Dean

Henry VIII and the Reformation Parliament by John Patrick Coby

Treason In Tudor England: Politics and Paranoia by Lacey Baldwin Smith
(2011 R)

The Tudor Law of Treason by John Bellamy

Intrigue and Treason: The Tudor Court 1547-1558 by David Loades

Stories of True Crime in Tudor and Stuart England by Ken MacMillan

Death and Disorder: A History of Early Modern England 1485-1690 by Ken MacMillan

Crime and Mentalities in Early Modern England by Malcolm Gaskill

Crime in Early Modern England 1550-1750 by James A Sharpe

Crime, Gender and Social Order in Early Modern England by Garthine Walker

Medieval and Early Modern Murder by Tracy, Slavin, & Gates

Queens and Power in Medieval and Early Modern England by Robert Bucholz & Carole Levin

Selling the Tudor Monarchy: Authority and Image in Sixteenth-Century England by Kevin Sharpe

Black Africans in Renaissance Europe by Earle & Lowe

Forgotten Queens in Medieval and Early Modern Europe by Valerie Schutte & Estelle Paranque