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Black Death: A New History of the Bubonic Plagues of London by Stephen Porter

Medical Downfall of the Tudors: Sex, Reproduction & Succession by Sylvia Barbara Soberton

Disease and Society in Premodern England by John Theilmann

Disease and the Environment in the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds by Lori Jones

The English Sweating Sickness: The History and Legacy of the Mysterious Disease by Charles River Editors

Death and Disorder: A History of Early Modern England 1485-1690 by Ken MacMillan

Disease and Disability in Medieval and Early Modern Art and Literature by Canalis, Fernando, Ciavolella

Poison, Medicine, and Disease in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe by Frederick W Gibbs

Death and Disease in the Medieval and Early Modern World by Jones, Varlik, Black

House of Tudor: A Grisly History by Mickey Mayhew

Renaissance Medicine: A Short History of European Medicine in the Sixteenth Century by Vivian Nutton

Plague in the Early Modern World: A Documentary History by Dean Phillip Bell


Sweating Sickness: In a Nutshell by Claire Ridgway

Pustules, Pestilence and Pain: Tudor Treatments and Ailments of Henry VIII by Seamus O'Caellaigh

Plague, Flood and Gewgaws: Wisbech and the Fens in Tudor and Stuart Times by Diane Calton Smith

Maladies and Medicine: Exploring Health & Healing 1540-1740 by Sara Read & Jennifer Evans

The Royal Art of Poison: Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicines and Murder Most Foul by Eleanor Herman

Recipes and Everyday Knowledge: Medicine, Science, and the Household in Early Modern England by Elaine Leong

Ill Composed: Sickness, Gender, and Belief in Early Modern England by Olivia Weisser

The Literary Culture of Plague in Early Modern England by Kathleen Miller

Disease, Diagnosis, and Cure on the Early Modern Stage by Stephanie Moss & Kaara L. Peterson

The life of Thomas Linacre, doctor in medicine, physician to King Henry VIII by John Noble Johnson

Blood Will Tell: A Medical Explanation for the Tyranny of Henry VIII by Kyra Cornelius Kramer

The Royal Doctors 1485-1714:: Medical Personnel at the Tudor and Stuart Courts by Elizabeth Lane Furdell

Contours of Death and Disease in Early Modern England (Cambridge Studies) by Mary J. Dobson

Knowledge and Practice in English Medicine 1550-1680 by Andrew Wear

Health Care and Poor Relief in Protestant Europe 1500-1700 by Cunningham & Grell

Born to Die: Disease and New World Conquest 1492-1650 by Noble David Cook

Melancholy and the Care of the Soul: Religion, Moral Philosophy and Madness in Early Modern England by Jeremy Schmidt

Impact of Plague in Tudor and Stuart England by Paul Slack